Netta dancing for other artists

Doug Varone and Dancers

“Netta Yerushalmy flashing through the hilariously rapid Twelve Dreams for Rent is a knock-out. She also nails some darker roles in Chapters that would be full, complex dances on their own.” (CVNC / Kate Dobbs Ariail)


“…best of all - a panoramic one-woman show entitled Twelve Dreams for Rent (expertly delivered by Netta Yerushalmy)” (Oberons’ Grove)


“The gravity is real enough, and several of Mr. Varone’s dancers (Netta Yerushalmy and Julia Burrer in particular) cut finely etched lines as they are blown hither and thither” (NYTimes, La Rocco)


"fully engaged, resolute performers—particularly Ryan Corriston and Netta Yerushalmy, solo or together—bear the burden of making the gamble pay off" (Dance Magazine, Eva Yaa, Asantewaa)


“…guided by an energy so boundless the audience feels lifted up into the air along with them. Eddie Taketa, Natalie Desch, Daniel Charon, and Netta Yerushalmy all stand out.” (Dance Magazine, Christopher Atamian)


“…Natalie Desch and Netta Yerushalmy were standouts” (


guest appearance with ABD

“...on the particular evening (April 19th) that I’m describing, Netta Yerushalmy enters the stage … to find the others in a circle waiting for her. Yerushalmy, a member of Doug Varone’s company and a gifted choreographer herself (she was just awarded a Guggenheim) dances for them. She’s a compelling mover, with a gift for merging precision with something freer, softer, and more risky to create a dynamically rich flow”

“…in the end you cross your fingers that Yerushalmy will be able to perform everything she’s been learning all this time and do it with distinction. And, although a clearer statement about the process in the program would have made Yerushalmy even more of a hero, when she dances her final solo and the piece ends, the audience applauds enthusiastically” (Deborah Jowitt,


Marc Jareckie Dance

“Dark, sleek Netta Yerushalmy’s direct, take-charge presence paired fierce physicality with cool determination” (Gay City News, Gus Solomons Jr.)


“Their dancing is purity without preciousness, without saintliness. They have force like water has force. Their presence is not performative, but neither is it self-effacing. They define completely the terms of the piece. They never falter, and dance this thing of great difficulty and duration without comment, indulgence, or relief.” ( Keithly)


Nancy Bannon Theater Dance Works

“A lithe woman (Netta Yerushalmy) danced wildly, writhed on the floor and grasped my hand.” (Bloomberg News, Philip Boroff)